Unique new attraction in Vancouver, FlyOver Canada features Haida Language

Terri-Lynn Williams-Davidson was thrilled to attend the spectacular new attraction FlyOver Canada in Vancouver recently for two reasons. First she was excited to experience the show, and second because she had been asked to contribute a small part to the piece.

The attraction is part film, part environmental experience and part flight. “Guests soar from coast to coast on a breathtaking aerial journey over some of Canada's most amazing landmarks, getting the chance to experience some incredible sights and activities along the way,” notes the publicity material for the new attraction.   “Groups of up to 60 guests at a time strap in and are lifted in front of a large custom spherical screen every 15 minutes, where they move in concert to images of the most stunning vistas of Canada from the air. The immersive effect is complete with the addition of wind, scents, mist and sound.”

“The presentation is really a flight,” notes Terri-Lynn.  “We buckled in; we were misted and smelled pine and other scents.  The camera angles and moving seats really felt like flying across Canada.  I loved the experience!”

Towards the end of the film, the audience gets a glimpse of the west coast of BC. In this section, Terri-Lynn’s voice can be heard singing in Haida, which is an endangered language. The lyrics of the song repeat the word “Supernatural”, alternating between southern and northern dialects, as an expression of awe.The production ends with footage of a Haida canoe and paddlers and the word ‘Supernatural Being of the Heavens’ – which was edited wonderfully in the soundtrack, as visuals cut away into the northern lights. “Including First Nations language and music in this production is a wonderful way to present a richer experience of Canada, drawing upon the deep connections that First Nations hold with the land and waters of this country.” notes Terri-Lynn. 

Over three years in the making, high definition film was shot across Canada by the world-renowned team from Whistler’s Sherpas Cinema, and creative direction was provided by Rick Rothschild, a former Disney Imagineer and legend in the attractions industry. Terri-Lynn enjoyed singing to the original score which was composed by Alec Harrison and Andrea Wettstein of 6 Degrees Music & Sound in Calgary.  It was recorded live in Vancouver by the Vancouver Film Orchestra. The score travels through many different emotions - pride, excitement, beauty, power and is sewn together with strong recurring themes.

The FlyOver Canada experience spans 30 minutes, beginning with a pre-show called Uplift! created by Montreal’s Moment Factory and culminating in the feature FlyOver ride.

Located on the downtown Vancouver waterfront in Canada Place, FlyOver Canada is open 7 days a week from 10am-9pm with flights departing every ten minutes. 2013 Admission Prices are $19.95 (adult); $17.95 (senior/youth/ student) and $14.95 (child) with group rates available. www.flyovercanada.com

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