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The cape which Terri-Lynn is wearing in this photo from the CD liner notes was once owned by her maternal great-grandmother, Susan Williams. Susan lived from about 1862 to 1971. Her knowledge of Haida songs was extensive, as she recorded over 100 Haida songs.

We used the design elements from her cape throughout the CD Jacket for “New Journeys” as it embodies the marriage of two cultures. The provenance of the cape is unknown; it may be of Russian, Celtic, or European origin and is likely from the latter 1800s or early 1900s. It pairs perfectly with Haida ceremonial regalia and is made of velvet with Mongolian lamb fur trim. The front of the cape is appliquéd with a “tree” design, connected to “earth” and “water” elements that wrap around the bottom of the cape.

Angela DeMontigny, Terri-Lynn’s favourite designer, graciously agreed to refurbish the fur on the cape. She also incorporated the cape’s “Tree” design into the “Forest Dress” which Angela created for the “New Journeys” CD. Angela designed all of the contemporary fashions featured on the CD jacket and liner notes.


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